Friday, November 23, 2007

Traditional Credit Experience
The Osusu credit system is a group saving scheme that enables participants receive substantial amounts of money to meet planned heavy expenditure commitments. Each member of the group agrees to make a stipulated amount of savings into a pool at set intervals. The amount collected is in turn disbursed to a member of the group and this process continues until members of the group receive amounts equal to the contributions they made. The cycle of savings and payments is repeated until at such time the group decides to discontinue the scheme. This has been largely replaced by loans available at bank and microfinance institutions.

Overall, the financial sector is a bit developed compared to the nineties down wards. The number of lenders, scale of lending and the capacity of lending institutions is comparatively stronger, backed with the ability and willingness to lend outside the western area is very strong although the availability of training to strengthen such institutions is minimal.

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