Friday, November 2, 2007

Internship at Peace and Development corp(NaCSA)

About NaCSA and PADCO
Natinal commission for social action (NaCSA) is a national commission programe that work with donors that channel funds that support reconstruction and development effort through three project windows:
1) Community driven Programme
2) Public works programme
3) Micro finance programme
Under the public works programme falls the Peace and development corp(PADCO) programeWhich is aimed at providing employment for young university graduate by providing them an opportunity to gain experience and skills that will prepare them for future employment. The university graduate work as volunteer in Rural communities helping local council in building their capacities for a period of one or two years depending on funding.

*****My role as an intern with the Peace and Developnment Corp(PADCO)

Upon my placement with PADCO my terms of reference where to:
=To help Put together a documentary on the volunteers work at placement for three target audience:a) potential Donors b) Potential volunteetrs C) and NaCSA staff
=To help in developing module for the volunteers mid-term exchange workshop
=To help in developing module for a volunteer management handbook
=To assist in all other official duties.
=To help in arranging all Volunteer involving organisation meetings and activities
*****Terms of Reference review*****

Mid term Learning Exchange workshop
I work together with my supervisor in putting together all modules for the workshop and also facilitated at all three days running workshops
Day 1 I facilitated on Impact made by PADCO volunteer
Day 2 I facilitated on HIV/AIDS
Day 3 I facilitated on Volunteerism in Sierra Leone

Volunteer Management hand book
I develop modules for the hand book and suggested them to my supervisor for review which has to be done later after my internship stay and the book will be use to manage PADCO activities with the next cohort

Volunteer involving organization
I attended all meetings for which PADCO is to be present and I was singly appointed to represent PADCO at sub-committee meeting like the VIO radio committee and the University repainting committee

I develop the script for the documentary and also travel through out the country to 10 districts to conduct interview with PADCO volunteers in order to produce the film with the help of my IEC mentor and my immediate supervisor and full support from Sierra Vision(In terms of advice, support and equipment.)

PADCO office activities
I work extensively and tirelessly with my supervisor to ensure official work are ongoing and I learn a lot of skills in Volunteer management.

Experience gain
I learned a lot of skills from my internship coordinator in terms of personal attitude, relationship and work experience.

From my PADCO supervisor I develop skills in organizational volunteer management

From colleagues I got more friends and develop relationship and build on accepting others in terms of opinion, views and values and accepting them for what the believe in.

Overall the internship period has being a learning period and a challenging experience good for all tertiary student in the country as such enhance career development and national development.

Relationship and experience gain during the period is good for the future of Sierra Leone

Advice to sierra Leonean and potential internWe all have to think in order to build salone and such can only be the means of ensuring change where attitudes should be oriented to positivism and love for our country. The internship program is a good step to development.

Next steps
Information and technology knowledge is actually low in the country as stated by siera Vision president i would recommend if donors agree to fund them let the organisation provides information and technology training for student in the various university by organising free citizen media workshop for student in the variouse university and also organising educative programme that will enhance technology capacity of the student.

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